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Latest comments on social media on saving the MRes History of Africa and the African Diaspora

Imagine axing one of most Britain's senior Black academics leading a flagship History of Africa and African Diaspora programme when it is widely acknowledged that this is an under-served area.

We’re dismayed at the decision of the University of Chichester to cancel the MRes programme that focuses on the History of Africa & the African Diaspora. We stand in solidarity with Professor Hakim Adi, who because of this decision, is now facing redundancy.

I had to sign this. I just can't believe they could do this to our brother. I just can't believe they could do this to our history. You should sign it too.

Signed. Shared. Suggest @chiuni sort this out the soonest! #HistoryMatters #AfricanHistoryMatters #ProfessorHakimAdi # ChichesterUniversity # Chichester #BlackBritish #Caribbean #Decolonising

“Alarmingly, overnight the University of Chichester has shut down an entire course. Notably, a comparable course is not offered by this or any other university in the UK.” Glad to be one of 9000+ signers! My African history courses in undergrad + masters still shape my thinking

Terrible news! We need more professors and courses in the field of Black British History, not fewer! I saw the existence of this course as a sign of progress and am appalled to hear it is now under threat, and that the University acted without even consulting Professor Adi, or taking their share of responsibility for recruitment! I hope they reinstate the course immediately and if not, that another institution sees the merit of giving it a home.

As an historian, as a Black woman and as the leader of @BlackEquityOrg , proud to throw support behind @hakimadi1

Professor @hakimadi1 book highlights African voices in Britain from the last few hundred years. Listen or Read. This is important History. There is something akin to an attempted book burning going on with his course at Chichester Uni.

Thank you for your tireless campaigning on this issue

What you teach is important I'm right behind you

This is an absolute tragedy, Claudia and Hakim. I know this course well. Inspirational and powerful. When I studied an array of African history units through my degrees - they transformed my intellectual landscape.

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