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Latest comments from the petition to save the MRes History of Africa and the African Diaspora

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

African history is world history.

Truth must prevail!

I was very lucky to have Professor Hakim Adi as a lecturer, mentor and dissertation supervisor during my History degree between the years 2011-2014. The encouragement and dedication he gives to his students is fantastic! Without Professor Hakim I would not have gained the knowledge I have on the history of the African Diaspora and as a result this has led me to do further research into my masters and during my years of being a History teacher. I am very disappointed that the University of Chichester would actually consider making Professor Hakim Adi redundant, when he has and continues to bring so much value to his students and the wider community. This is the only course that will teach the truth about the history of the Black British community, this course cannot be closed down. Sign the petition, support Professor Hakim!

Black history is the root of all history. To deny us the truth and knowledge of our contribution to human ingenuity from the begining of any known time is to deny the world of its birth origin.

I'm signing this because Black British history is very important and Hakim Adi does not deserve this shoddy treatment.

Black history should not even be separated! There is one history which incorporates so much of Africa’s contributions. When will people realise that without the dependence on Africa and the diaspora countries like the UK would have nothing. Metals, minerals, maths, spices, cocoa, we invented traffic lights, open heart surgery, circumnavigation. The brilliant Greeks learned from Africans - quoted by a Greek. What are people afraid of. It’s not just about slavery. So many things we have today is because of Africa.

This decision is unfair and doesn't make sense, considering how successful it has been

Reading the testimonials makes it very clear this course is invaluable to students wishing to study the subject as part of their degrees, so should be maintained. Also, it is yet another attempt by the authorities to eradicate anything and everything that is beneficial to the Black community here in Britain, and we have to fight to prevent it happening.

Educational institutions should tell the full story. African history is history and should have always been a part of the regular curriculum or your education is incomplete.

I am signing the petition as I believe it is important that people interested in studying African history at a higher leve have the opportunity to do so. Chichester uni is the only place in the UK offering this turion.

We need to know our history. We need our facts, our experiences so we have a base to grow from. We no longer need someone else's interpretation

The significance of this course must not be underestimated. It is critical for the history of mankind to include this aspect of World history. Professor Hakim Adi is an attack on a population who have been denied this important course of study. This African-British historian is meeting a critical need. It is criminal that the University of Chichester has deliberately disrupted this course of study.

What is being taught through this course is really important for people to be educated in. Restore this course.

I want to show solidarity with Professor Adi in his fight not only to retain his post at Chichester University but to continue to offer a course that is unique in UK universities. It shows the sorry state of university education in the UK when marketisation, not scholarly research, dictates the future of courses.

Hakim Adi is a cultural treasure and deserves his position indefinitely

Elements of the black Diaspora studies have been missing from traditional curricula across the board, this course social and critical pedagogy benefits a diverse population of students, and if Chichester don't reverse course, this will be a blight on Chichester's reputation as an open minded institution for advance learning. There is clearly a need for African/Caribbean studies and it should not be reduced or marginalized. In such a time as this, the universities should be embracing and supporting this curriculum as it benefits societies across the UK/globe as we grapple with complex concepts of racism#supportblackstudiesacrosstheUK

If institutions genuinely cared about institutionalised racism in the UK they would go out of their way to not only provide but also expand on such courses, not take them away!! Shame on you, University of Chichester!

Black history is essential. We all need access to it. If this course ends then how else would students be able to learn about African history

History matters and particularly in the United Kingdom with the hidden atrocity of Europe, it is absolutely crucial that there are multiple opportunities to learn about African history

Because its important for people to understand the history of the birth place of civilization.

There’s no history unless black history is in the midst. Sick and tired of the game changing slave mentally game. It’s time we rise and keep black history permanent in educational institutions

I believe that knowledge is Very important to the upcoming generation to know there history and this is the only place that we have someone knows what he's speaking about.

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