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An Open Letter of Solidarity from Academics, Heritage and Information Professionals

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Professor Jane Longmore

Vice Chancellor

University of Chichester,

College Lane,


West Sussex, PO19 6PE

Subject: MRes History of Africa and the African Diaspora - Proposed Termination/Redundancy

Dear Professor Longmore,

We are writing to add our voices to the overwhelming tide of support for Professor Hakim Adi, his current and prospective master’s students and those whose doctoral research he currently supervises due to his unanimously recognised expertise in his field of study.

Like the thousands of people, nationally and internationally, who have signed the petition to stop the University of Chichester’s proposed termination of the MRes History of Africa and the African Diaspora and challenge Professor Adi’s imminent redundancy, we are deeply troubled by recent events. How can a course which has undeniably contributed so much to a deeper and more nuanced understanding of both British and world history be shut down overnight with no consultation with either students or Professor Adi himself? How can Professor Adi, whose lifelong contribution to research in his field is internationally renowned, be facing redundancy? There are serious questions to be answered surrounding the University’s rationale for these actions. .

As heritage professionals, information professionals and academics concerned with the research, preservation and sharing of history, our work is aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible are able to access and benefit from the multiple intersecting stories which make up our collective history. In doing this work, it is particularly important that those narratives historically underrepresented within our fields are brought to the fore in order to ensure a more complete, and more accessible historical record - one in which we can all see ourselves.

Your institution’s own Equality and Diversity Policy claims a passion for ‘widening educational opportunity, appreciating its contribution to social justice’ and recognition of ‘the richness in diversity’. It also professes to take a ‘proactive’ approach to diversity, recognising ‘the breadth of experience and intellectual resources that people from diverse backgrounds…bring to our community as we know that diversity strengthens the University’. Given these claims it is hard to understand how the University of Chichester sees it fit to shut down a course for which there is no comparable programme of study in the UK. This programme and the impact it has generated has been a tremendous asset to the university's research environment and was featured prominently in the REF2021 research environment statement, and would certainly be a key part of a REF2028 exercise that will be placing more emphasis on 'people and culture' and the development of diverse research cultures.

Further, it seems incompatible with your institution's own stated values that Professor Adi, the first person of African heritage in Britain to become a Professor of History and the only Professor of the History of Africa and the African Diaspora in Britain can now be facing redundancy given his stellar contribution to African and African diaspora history, both through his own research and the groundbreaking space he has created for those wishing to research in this area themselves.

Professor Adi’s tireless work at the University of Chichester has created a pathway for historians from underrepresented communities, and interested others, at a time when both the heritage and academic research sectors bemoan the lack of diversity in the constituencies entering professional practice. Not only has Professor Adi founded and taught a masters course in this area which has gone on to generate several doctoral candidates, but he has also consistently promoted the inclusion of the fruits of this growing body of work in the wider educational curriculum - an action which is broadly recognised as both necessary and long overdue.

The massive groundswell of support in the few days since this news has gone public tells us what we all already know - Professor Adi’s contribution, that of his course and those he supervises are of inestimable value to our professional fields and wider society. It must be preserved and further strengthened at all costs.

The University of Chichester has stated that the reason for the proposed termination/redundancy is a financial one. The (MRes) History of Africa and the African Diaspora has been labelled as ‘not viable as the cost of delivery outweighed the income from fees received’. As professionals working in this field, we urge the university to look closer to home - at their own efforts to properly market the course - before removing it, and with it the potential for further research and learning in this area.

Indeed, while many of us here undersigned are aware of the course from Professor Adi’s own communications with us, or that of his students, we struggle to think of any occasion where targeted marketing of this unique educational offer has been championed by the university itself. As people working in history and heritage every day, we ask why our own professional networks have not been better utilised by the University of Chichester to market the course. We are saddened that the institution with primary responsibility for this failure sees fit to penalise Professor Adi, his students and wider society, rather than taking measures to address this itself through the marketing channels that are readily available to it.

We understand that the University of Chichester has never before expressed dissatisfaction with recruitment to the MRes programme, but thinks it proper to give Professor Adi two weeks in which to propose a solution whilst simultaneously stopping any new enrolment on the course. We also understand that other courses with similar intake figures have not been threatened with termination in the way that (MRes) History of Africa and the African diaspora has. Why is it that Professor Adi’s course has been targeted?

The MRes course has attracted students from Africa, the Caribbean, North America, and Hong Kong as well as nationally, has produced outstanding novel research, including at doctoral level, and through its alumni has facilitated the founding of the Open Access, History Matters Journal - landmark achievements for the relatively short time that it has been running.

It is important to note that this academic research and the work of Archives, Libraries and Museums are closely intertwined. How can institutions such as these hope to properly understand how their work and collections relate to African and African diaspora histories without the availability of research like this? The University of Chichester’s untenable proposal is a threat not simply to academic historical research, but to professional heritage practice more broadly.

We stand in solidarity with Professor Adi, his students and all who support him to demand that the University of Chichester reverse its ill-thought out decision, and instead work hard to ensure that the unparalleled achievements of the MRes in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora with Professor Adi at its helm are strengthened and supported to continue to flourish.


  • Angelina Osborne (Historian and Heritage consultant)

  • Dr Etienne Joseph (Archives Manager, Hackney Archives/Co-Founder Decolonising the Archive)

  • Dr. Eleni Liarou (Historian , Birkbeck- University of London)

  • Tayo Agunbiade (Independent Scholar)

  • Lydia Julien (Librarian)

  • Kelly Foster (Public Historian)

  • Paul Reid (Heritage Professional)

  • Marie Johnson (Systemic Family Therapist)

  • Maboula Soumahoro (Associate Professor)

  • Bea Freeman (Black History Researcher)

  • Dr Vivian Latinwo-Olajide

  • Dr Nathan Richards (Assistant Professor of History)

  • Professor Michael A. Gomez

  • Aleja Taddesse (Senior Librarian Assistant (Open Access))

  • Dr Charisse Burden-Stelly (Associate Professor of African American Studies)

  • Professor Nemata Blyden

  • Anthony Ballas (Lecturer, University of Colorado at Denver, Dept. of English)

  • Dr Kimberly F. Monroe (Assistant Professor of Africana Studies & History)

  • Dr. Eric Essono Tsimi (Assistant Professor - The City University of New York)

  • Dr Hannah Thuraisingam Robbins (Associate Professor of Music/Director of Black Studies)

  • Zoe Groves (Lecturer in Global, Colonial and Postcolonial History, University of Leicester)

  • Ramsha Ashraf (Doctoral candidate at University of Kent)

  • Dr Kathryn Simpson (Lecturer in Digital Humanities)

  • Rinaldo Walcott (Professor, Africana and American Studies)

  • Adam Xavier McNeil (PhD Candidate in Early African American Women’s History)

  • Dr Dion Georgiou (Senior Lecturer in Modern History and Politics)

  • Priyamvada Gopal (Professor, University of Cambridge)

  • Marian Nur Goni (Assistant Professor)

  • Kerry Sinansn (Assistant Professor Global pre 1800 literature)

  • Florian Bobin (Master’s Student / Cheikh Anta Diop University (Dakar))

  • Mauricio Sandoval (Profesor e investigador, Costa Rica)

  • Tyler Fleming (Associate Professor, University of Louisville, USA)

  • Rohit Rao (Postgraduate Researcher, University of Glasgow)

  • Madina Thiam (Assistant Professor of History, New York University)

  • JoAnn McGregor (Professor of Hunan Geography, University of Sussex)

  • Séagh Kehoe (Lecturer in Chinese Studies, University of Westminster)

  • Grace Carrington (Research Fellow, UCL, UK)

  • Dr. Tiana U Wilson (Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, USA)

  • Dr. Owen Walsh (Lecturer in Modern History, University of Aberdeen UK)

  • Nikita Krouwel (Independent researcher, the Netherlands)

  • Mjiba Frehiwot (Research Fellow, Ghana)

  • Leslie Alexander (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of History, Rutgers University, USA)

  • Juan Vicent Iborra Mallent (PhD Candidate, National Autonomous University of Mexico)

  • Scott Ward (High school history teacher, USA)

  • David Nisthal (PhD Candidate in the College of Education - University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Hawaiʻi)

  • Raymond Jennings (PhD student, Rutgers University)

  • Stephanie Tellis (Racial Equity Manager, Center for Law and Social Policy, Washington DC)

  • Addes Tesfamariam (Cultural advisor, Milan, Italy)

  • Kennetta Hammond Perry (Associate Professor of Black Studies, Northwestern University)

  • Simon Demissie (Library Experience & Engagement Manager, Wellcome Collection, UK)

  • A. Ekhaguere (Ass. archivist / independent researcher, UK)

  • Sabine Broeck (Prof. Dr. University of Bremen, emerita, Germany)

  • W. Chris Johnson (Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Canada)

  • Dr Toyin Agbetu (Lecturer in Political, Social and Decolonising Anthropology, UCL)

  • Kaitlene Koranteng (Archivist, UK)

  • Matthew Bridson (Inclusive Heritage Research Associate University of ManchestEr, UK)

  • Elaine Swan (Reader, University of Sussex, UK)

  • Nicola Frith (Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK)

  • Brad Scott (Queen Mary University of London)

  • Kofi Mawuli Klu (Jurisconsult, PARCOE Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice Law-Related Education Advocate

  • London, United Kingdom)

  • Rob Lemkin (Documentary Filmmaker, Old Street Films / Lemkino Pictures, UK)

  • Caroline Bressey (Professor of Historical Geographer, UCL, UK)

  • Annabelle Gilmore (Postgraduate researcher, University of Birmingham)

  • Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem (Associate Professor, Law & Politics)

  • Sai Murray (Poet, Writer, Publisher UK)

  • Anita Rupprecht (Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton, UK)

  • Joshua Olakanpo

  • Sula Douglas-Folkes (PhD candidate for Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths)

  • Catherine Marie Grant-Wata (PhD candidate, University of Toronto, Canada)

  • Meleisa Ono-George Brittenden (Fellow of Modern and Black British History, Queens College, University of Oxford, UK)

  • Lucy Capes (History teacher/Knowledge is Power programme, Hackney, London)

  • Professor Anastasia Christou (Professor of Sociology and Social Justice, Middlesex University

  • UK)

  • Dr. Nassisse Solomon (Independent scholar on African History)

  • Tunc Aybak (Senior lecturer, Middlesex University)

  • Natalie Creary (Associate Lecturer in Public Health & Independent Researcher

  • UK)

  • Veronica Poku (Lecturer, U.K)

  • Mehmet Ugur (Professor of Economics and Institutions, University of Greenwich)

  • Rena Kydd-Williams (Senior Lecturer, RNLD Dip, BSc Hons, PG Cert HE, Fellow HEA, Prince II

  • Anglia Ruskin University)

  • Selene Heath (Teacher, Artist, Educational consultant, UK)

  • Dr. Rose Brewer (Professor. U.S.)

  • Sanjida Alam (Heritage Officer, Tower Hamlet Local History Library & Archives, London)

  • Dr Angela Martinez Dy (Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University London, UK)

  • Iman Hadya Niazi Khan (Doctoral researcher in Decolonising Higher Education Curriculum

  • Loughborough University, London)

  • Brooke Newman (Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)

  • Vaun (Soas student, History student)

  • Genova Messiah (Heritage Officer Learning & Participation, Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives London)

  • Balakrishna Patange

  • Dr Janroj Yilmaz Keles (Associate Professor

  • Law & Politics, Middlesex University)

  • Malcolm Richards (Senior Lecturer in Education, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK)

  • Neema Begum (Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, UK)

  • Montel Gordon (Postgraduate researcher, The University of Glasgow, UK)

  • Oya Heart Warrior (Community teacher, UK)

  • Debbie Ebanks Schlums (PhD Candidate, Toronto, Canada)

  • Annette Mackin (Heritage Officer (Archives), Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives)

  • Mx Penny Litchfield (PhD Researcher, UK)

  • Gurminder K Bhambra (Professor University of Sussex)

  • Madina Zafar (Administrator, United Kingdom)

  • Debbie Smith (Heritage Co-ordinator, Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives London, UK)

  • Dr. David Roberts (Senior Lecturer and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK)

  • Natalie Johnson (Educator)

  • Robert Jones (Heritage Officer (Library), UK)

  • Kaitlyn Ellsworth

  • Jeleelah (Postgraduate student, UK)

  • Thandeka Cochrane (Research Associate, Anthropology and History of Africa, KCL)

  • Dr Aleema Gray (Lead Curator, British Library)

  • Tjimbauja Tjongarero (Community co-ordinator, JACQUERAY, GWADLOUP)

  • Dr Agostinho Pinnock (Lecturer, Geo-Humanities, Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) UK)

  • Anushka Sharma (Student, Nottingham)

  • Corrina Preece (Psychotherapist, Educator, Doctoral Student, London)

  • Rhianna Garrett (PhD Researcher, Loughborough University)

  • Rahel Kassahun (Founder & Director, Ethiopia)

  • Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò (Associate Professor, Georgetown University, USA)

  • William Ackah (Senior Lecturer Black and Community Geographies, Birkbeck University of London)

  • Nishat Babu (Lecturer - Loughborough University, UK)

  • Joanne Anthony (Trustee - Bernie Grant Trust & Archivist - National Maritime Museum, UK)

  • Niti Acharya (Museum Manager + PhD researcher into empire and material culture, UK)

  • Pearl Agyakwa

  • Anne McLaren (Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK)

  • Veerle Poupeye, Art Historian, Curator and Critic, Jamaica)

  • Kamil Mahdi (University of Exeter (retired, previously Director of Gulf Studies))

  • Professor Monique Bedasse (Associate Professor of History)

  • Dr Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan (School of Law UK/Republic of Ireland)

  • Sylvia Arthur (Library Of Africa and The African Diaspora, West Africa)

  • Sharon Morgan (Teacher of D&T / Researcher of Design History, London UK)

  • Adé Olaiya, M.A.(Ambassador/Co Lead, Partnerships Sub Committee

  • (International Civil Society Working Group for the UN PFPAD))

  • Valerie Teh (MPhil Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK)

  • Ibrahim Sirkeci (Head of Enterprise SG, University of Salford, England)

  • Stacha Lee (Educator, New York, USA)

  • Carolyn Roth (Senior Lecturer (retired))

  • Nicole Wong

  • Katucha Bento (Lecturer in Race and Decolonial Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK)

  • Heather Paul (Senior Lecturer, PhD researcher, UK)

  • Lisa Long (Course Director - Carnegie School of Education Leeds Beckett University)

  • Deborah Bowen (Operations Director and Doctoral Researcher Loughborough University, London)

  • Daud Abdullah (Director, Middle east Monitor, UK)

  • Dr. Sarah Saaka (Former lecturer, University of Ghana)

  • Aasiya Lodhi (Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster, UK)

  • Tamanda Walker (PhD Researcher, University of Leeds, UK)

  • Dr Kwanele Shishane (Senior lecturer in Social Work, UoB)

  • Donna E. Hayles (Associate Professor, SUNY Adirondack, USA)

  • Darrian (Educator, Jamaica)

  • Elaine Huggett (Black educator)

  • Paulette Bell-Kerr

  • Kezia Page (Associate Professor English, Untied States)

  • Dr. Hannah Ishmael (Lecturer in Digital Culture and Race, UK)

  • Abigail Hartley (Archivist, University of Edinburgh)

  • Carrie Blake (Marketing Officer, Loughborough University, UK)

  • Richard Weaver (Digital Curator/Archivist, Amsterdam)

  • Betty McDermott (Library and Archives Assistant, Edinburgh)

  • Lisa Schmidt McDermott (Archives Assistant and Literacy Specialist, UK)

  • Anne Traill (Heritage professional)

  • Valentina Flex (Archivist, United Kingdom)

  • Charlotte Jackson (Collections assistant, Scotland)

  • Rosie Vizor (Borough Archivist, London Borough of Croydon Archives)

  • Megan Guest (Public Records Manager (England and Wales) United Kingdom)

  • Eleanor Newbigin (Senior lecturer in history, UK)

  • Dr Manuela Pallotto Strickland (Digital Archivist, London, United Kingdom)

  • Dr Alice Corble (AHRC-RLUK Research Fellow, University of Sussex, UK_)

  • Jeorge Eccles (Manager (KPMG in Jamaica), Data Science M.Sc. Student (University of the West Indies, Mona)

  • Jamaica)

  • Vanessa Bell (Records Manager and Archivist, SOAS University of London, UK)

  • Stephanie Birch (Africana & African Studies Librarian, Connecticut, US)

  • Victoria Evans (Searchroom Archivist, UK)

  • Malcolm Barnard (SL, Loughborough University)

  • Martha Mundy (Professor Emerita, LSE)

  • Lianne Smith (Archivist, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre, University of Manchester, UK)

  • Andrea Jacobo (Visiting Assistant Professor Chickasaw, Memphis, TN)

  • Doreen Morrison (Historial Theologian UK/Jamaica)

  • Victoria Evans (Archive Producer, UK)

  • Lisa Oxley (Archive Assistant, Northumberland)

  • Malcolm Barnard (SL, Loughborough University)

  • Wendy Russell (Archivist, London)

  • Edrige (Caribbean Diaspora)

  • Dr Clare Parfitt (Heritage Project Co-ordinator, IRIE! Dance Theatre, UK)

  • Ben Verghese (Teacher & Postgrad student, UK & South Africa)

  • Abigail Wharne (Heritage and Research Lead, Aotearoa New Zealand)

  • Thomas Poole (Archivist, Birmingham, UK)

  • Diane Brown (Educator, Jamaica)

  • Charlotte Murray (Northern Ballet Archivist, University of Leeds, UK)

  • Mawuena Logan (Associate Professor, University of Louisville, USA)

  • Caroline Kamana (Director, The Liliesleaf Trust UK)

  • Lynn McNish (Social worker, London, UK)

  • Neil Adams (Archives Assistant, University of York)

  • Asher Gamedze (Cultural Worker, Southern Africa)

  • Uduma Ogenyi (PhD student, SOAS University of London)

  • Dr Hibist Kassa (Policy Interface Fellow, United Kingdom)

  • Elizabeth Emmerson (Archivist, UK)

  • Linda Chisholm (Professor, South Africa)

  • Peter Emmerson (Archivist, former Chair, Soc of Archivists, Head of Records Services, Barclays Bank United Kingdom)

  • Najma Mohamed (educator and heritage agency exco member Education, Heritage)

  • Esther Makhetha (Senior Lecturer, TUT, South Africa)

  • Salma Ismail (Emeritus Associate Professor, Education)

  • Salim (Professor, South Africa)

  • Enver Motala (Researcher, Education)

  • Sam Longford (Researcher, South Africa)

  • Dalian Adofo (Co-founder, Ancestral Voices, UK)

  • Onni Gust (Associate Professor of History, Nottingham)

  • Konstantina Zanou (Historian, Associate Professor, Columbia University, USA)

  • Sandra Shakespeare (Museum X, London, U.K.)

  • Despina Pasia (Museologist & Cultural Heritage educational consultant, Cyprus)

  • Lissa L. Roberts (Professor Emeritus, History of Science and Technology in Global Context

  • The Netherlands)

  • Dr Loizos Kapsalis (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

  • Linda Cooper (Professor Emerita Adult Education University of Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Catherine Williams (University Archivist, London, UK)

  • Ariana Aghoghovbia (Biochemistry Graduate, Nottingham)

  • Pepijn Brandon (Professor of Global History, VU Amsterdam)

  • Dr Anna Sexton (Lecturer in Archives & Records Management, University College London, UK)

  • Alex Oma-Pius FRSA (CEO/Artistic Director, UK)

  • Silvester Henderson (Professor of Music (Tenure), Los Medanos College/USA)

  • Harun Küçük (Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania)

  • Andonis Piperoglou (Hellenic Senior Lecturer in Global Diasporas, University of Melbourne, Australia)

  • Emma Winch (Engagement & Development Manager for Libraries, Culture & Heritage,

  • London Borough Hackney)

  • Nikolaos Papadogiannis

  • Anne-Isabelle Richard (University Lecturer in History, Leiden University, Netherlands)

  • Laya Suraparaju

  • Edy Aziz (Teacher, Art and History)

  • Emily Hughes (MA Archives Student, London)

  • Dr Christine Lodge (County Archivist (retired), Scotland)

  • Farah Yameen, (Founding Members, Milli Archives Consortium)

  • M Chotai

  • Dr Shareefa Fadhel (Research culture Strategy Project Manager, United Kingdom)

  • Dr Francisco Dominguez (Retired Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University, United Kingdom)

  • Meztli Yoalli Rodríguez Aguilera (Assistant Professor- DePaul University)

  • Dr Eve Hayes de Kalaf (Institute of Historical Research, University of London, United Kingdom)

  • Alex Moulton (Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, U.S.)

  • Dr. Petural ‘PJ’ Shelton (Professor of Business, Peralta Community College District

  • Oakland CA - USA)

  • Marlo De Lara PhD FRSA (Postdoctoral Fellow)

  • Sam Collenette (Director of From the Roots CIC, UK)

  • Patricia Hayes (Professor of History, South Africa)

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  • Michelle Armstrong (Educator, Barbados, W.I)

  • Samantha Likonde (Community engagement officer, Decolonised transformations Project

  • University of Edinburgh)

  • Dr Stanley H. Griffin (Senior Lecturer, Archival & Information Studies, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica)

  • Mark Smith (Records Manager and Archivist, UK)

  • Daniel Payne (Curator, LSE Library, UK)

  • Nicky Hammond (Archivist, Wales)

  • Dr Tom Dillon (Science Fiction Collections Curator, University of Liverpool)

  • Ben Rogaly (Professor of Human Geography, University of Sussex, UK)

  • Aoife Larkin

  • Charlotte Procter (Archivist, London, UK)

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  • Fezile Sibanda (Doctoral Researcher and Tutor, University of Sussex, UK)

  • Dr. Rachel Bright (Senior Lecturer in Imperial and Global History, United Kingdom)

  • Beth Astridge (University Archivist, University of Kent)

  • FRANCIS GARABA (Associate Professor, South Africa)

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  • Dr Rima Saini (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Middlesex University London)

  • Alinta SARA (Independent curator and researcher, UK)

  • Lynda Nyandu (student support)

  • Dr Tehmina Goskar FMA (Curator & Historian, UK)

  • Dr Tola Dabiri (Consultant and Director, Electric Piers CIC, UK)

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  • Sara Wajid MBE (Co-CEO Birmingham Museums Trust)

  • Soyini Grey (Journalist, Trinidad and Tobago)

  • Laurence Maidment-Blundell (PhD Student, Institute of Archaeology, UCL)

  • Layla Hillsden (Archivist, London)

  • Alec Temple, (Archives Officer, Bristol) Hilary Robinson (Professor, Loughborough University, UK)

  • Diana Watt (PhD) *Trustee (Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust, UK)

  • Kathleen Lawther (Museum consultant and doctoral researcher, University of Leicester, UK)

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  • Tahlia Coombs (Cultural lead: heritage & education, Hackney, London)

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  • Chantelle Haughton (DARPL Director and Founder, Principal Lecturer Cardiff Met University)

  • Robin Landman OBE, Director, UK)

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  • Dr Dalvir Gill (Senior Lecturer_

  • Professor Uzo Iwobi CBE (CEO Race Council Cymru, Wales)

  • Zey Suka-Bill (Dean of Screen, University of Arts London)

  • Dr Jawiria Naseem (Associate Professor)

  • Kulwinder Maude (Assistant Professor, Education)

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  • Joanne Wynne (Business Managing Director - HPC Reg, Cardiff)

  • Dr Leona Vaughn (Derby Fellow, University of Liverpool, UK/US)

  • Shzr Ee Tan (Vice Dean EDI, School of Performing and Digital Arts, Royal Holloway University of London, UK)

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  • Astrid Nielsch (Musicologist and historical performer, New Zealand)

  • Dr Camilla Royle (LSE Fellow, UK)

  • Dr Guy Crawford (Lecturer in Global Development & Culture, Bader College, UK)

  • Dr Julie Vullnetari (Associate Professor of Human Geography, University of Southampton, UK)

  • Martina Vittoria Sottini (PhD Candidate, LSE, UK)

  • Dr Magidi (Researcher, South Africa)

  • Tom Fry (Research Associate, UK)

  • Jessica Jacobs (Research Fellow, UK)

  • Diana Beljaars (Research Fellow, Wales)

  • Larissa Kennedy (President 2020-22, National Union of Students)

  • Charles Tsua (BD student at University of London, 2nd London International Guqin Conference Convenor Birmingham, UK)

  • David Featherstone (Professor of Political Geography, University of Glasgow)

  • Dr Raphael Hoermann (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Black Atlantic Research, UCLan, UK)

  • Dr Fiona Woods (Lecturer, Ireland)

  • Serena Lee (Associate Lecturer (LCCA), London, UK)

  • Travis Harris (Editor in Chief, US)

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  • Ben Gowland (Departmental Lecturer, UK)

  • Monique Charles (Assistant Professor of Sociology, USA)

  • Jessie Vallejo (Associate Professor California, USA)

  • Maria Mendonça (Associate Professor, Kenyon College, USA)

  • Fraser McQueen (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • Janak Patel (Principal/CEO (Retired) and Black Leadership Group, West Midlands, UK)

  • Roger Williams (United States)

  • R Duncan (Postgraduate student, UK)

  • Noam Devey (Organisation & Staff Development, Equality Diversity & Inclusion)

  • Dr Lucia Kul (Lecturer in Law and Gender, UK)

  • Dr Joanne Norcup (Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick, UK)

  • Ruselle Meade (Lecturer in Japanese Studies, Cardiff Universit)y

  • Francesca Governa (professor of geography, italy)

  • Mikaela Assolent (Chargée des publics, Centre International d’Art et du Paysage, France)

  • Michael Lomotey (Black Futures Doctoral Researcher, England/Ghana)

  • Amitangshu Acharya (Lecturer, Netherlands)

  • Amy Orchard - King (Lecturer - University of the Arts London, England)

  • Dr Alice Mpofu-Coles (Researcher, University of Reading)

  • Olukoya Ogen (Professor of History, Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria)

  • David Brown (Research Associate, University of East Anglia)

  • Ismail Rashid (Professor, Department of History, Vassar College, United States)

  • Nurudeen Olatoye Arogundade (Graduate Student, Nigeria)

  • Ray Winbush (Director, Institute for Urban Research, Morgan State University Maryland, United States)

  • Olivia Butler (PhD Student, Uppsala University)

  • Dr Alessia Mangiavillano (Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK)

  • Richard Anderson (Lecturer in History, University of Aberdeen, UK)

  • Kevon Rhiney (Associate Professor, Rutgers University, United States)

  • Obayemi Paul (College History Teacher, Nigeria)

  • Asanbe Gaffar Oladayo (M.A, History, UDUS, M.A, Communication(In view), Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS, Canada)


  • Isiaka Raifu (Lecturer in History and International Studies, Osun State University, Nigeria)

  • Dr Kesewa John (Lecturer in Caribbean History, UCL and U of Chichester alumni, London, UK)

  • Vanessa E. Thompson (Assistant Professor, Queen's University, Canada)

  • Rohwana Ogunbiyi (Archive Officer, London)

  • Rosie Thompson

  • Lisa Robinson (PG Researcher, Black Studies)

  • Stephanie Rolt (Archivist, Royal Opera House, UK)

  • Dr Bridget ltunu Awosika (Dean of Faculty, Nigeria)

  • Clifford J Pereira (Visiting Research Assistant, Hong Kong SAR. China)

  • Henry Hakamaki (Educator and Cohost of the Guerrilla History Podcast, Russia)

  • Emily Gilbert (Professor, Geography & Planning, Canada)

  • Dr Miranda Armstrong (Research Associate, University of York, England)

  • Dr Mike Esbester (Principal Lecturer in History & History Subject Area Co-Lead, University of Portsmouth, UK)

  • Dr Richard Waller (Professor of Education and Social Justice, UWE, Bristol, UK)

  • Brad Beaven (Professor of Social and Cultural History, University of Portsmouth)

  • Dr Edda Nicolson (Historian)

  • Rob James (Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, UK)

  • Alexandra Ortolja-Baird (Lecturer in Digital History and Culture, University of Portsmouth, UK)

  • Professor Shawn-Naphtali Sobers (University of the West of England)

  • Luci Gorell Barnes (Visiting Research Fellow and Doctoral researcher, United Kingdom)

  • Jane Andrews (Professor of Education, UK)

  • David Andress (Professor of Modern History, University of Portsmouth, UK)

  • Gordon Dueck (Assistant Professor, Queen's University, Canada)

  • Adnan Husain (Associate Professor, History, and Director, School of Religion, Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

  • June Purvis (Professor Emerita, University of Portsmouth, UK)

  • Adebayo Adewusi (Researcher/Historian(IFRA-NIGERIA))

  • Kathy Cusack

  • Dr L. Sartain (Senior Lecturer in American History, University of Portsmouth, UK)

  • Mariangela Alejandro Cortez (Alumna, School of History, Classics, and Archaeology, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • Sam Harman (Lecturer & Film maker. University of Westminster, London, UK)

  • Professor Richard Wistreich (Professor of Music History, United Kingdom)

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Ismail Rashid
Ismail Rashid
Aug 10, 2023

Professor Adi’s research expanded our understanding of Africans/Caribbeans in Britain and scope of British History. And, this has enhanced Chichester’s profile. Prof. Ismail Rashid, Department of History, Vassar College.


Professor Richard Wistreich (Professor of Music History, United Kingdom):

My support for Professor Adi and the MRes in African History and African Diaspora is given both in my capacity as Professor of History and as Chair of the Warburg Institute Advisory Council


Sam Harman (Lecturer & Film maker. University of Westminster, London, UK):

This undermines all of the diversity policies that the UK universities profess.


Adnan Husain (Associate Professor, History, and Director, School of Religion, Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada):

The University of Chichester should be championing this program as a unique contribution and specially distinguishing feature of the University and pour resources into building it further. Ironically, the University’s deplorable action has raised the international profile and awareness of this fantastic program. It could do the right thing now and make a major announcement that it will be EXPANDING this amazing degree program to become a global leader in this field so crucial to understanding modern world history. If it had any foresight, this would be the most appropriate response.


Dr Mike Esbester (Principal Lecturer in History & History Subject Area Co-Lead, University of Portsmouth, UK):

I fully endorse everything noted in this letter, and deplore the threat to the MRes programme and Professor Adi.

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